Investitionsbonus 2.0

Investment bonus of the ÖH Leoben

The investment bonus is a support of the ÖH Leoben. It is intended to support the purchase of technical equipment required for online teaching. The support amounts to 20% of the purchase price (maximum 200 Euro). It is also possible to apply before you buy the equipment if you want to know in advance if our support will be approved for you. As soon as you submit your bill, we will pay out your grant.

Basic requirements for a support of the investment bonus of the ÖH Leoben:

  1. social need according to the guidelines of the social fund of the ÖH Leoben
  2. sufficient academic success (positive academic success is: in the first semester the presentation of the confirmation ofstudy, in the second semester the completion of at least 8 ECTS, in higher semesters the completion of at least 16 ECTS within the last two reported semesters)
  3. the purchase of the new equipment must be justified.
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